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Full Version: 2000 LX ME for sale
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I was contacted again by the high end upgrade and repair facility that sent the FC my way. Apparently I have become their go-to guy for Wanderlodge questions. They have a fairly rare 2000 LX Millenium Edition that they have done upgrades on, like the popular Samsung refrigerator upgrade among others. They just finished some other upgrades and the owner has decided he doesn’t have time to use it and would like to see it go to a new home. I talked with the owner, who asked me not to list his name on an Internet forum. As it turns out, I know the prior owner of the coach, so I feel it has had good care over its lifetime. The current owner is a “car guy”, restoring Corvettes, Mustangs, etc., so I have to assume he knows how to keep PMI scheduled maintenance up to date. The coach has about 131,000 miles. The current owner has added around 20k in the past three years and just can’t use it the way he wants to. I think he’s realistic on the asking price (mid-to-high 80s) and he is very open to realistic offers.

I have no interest in this sale, and this listing does not constitute an endorsement. I am listing it as a benefit to our members and prospective buyers.

Contact me with your contact information and I will send you the owner’s contact info off line. He has all the relavent specs available to send out.

cheap does it have a slide?
Hey Woody! Great to hear from you. Hope your new business is going good. I’ve been meaning to call you.

In any event, no, it is a non-slide coach. Yeah, I think it was priced well and he is realistic on offers.
nine one eight four 5 eight 7 8 four one

cool my o3 with slide lx is still work 6 digits i hope by end of summer to move it--one more long big trip said the boss until we downsize
I sent your info to the seller and verified he has it, so expect to hear from him soon. Good luck and let us know if you make a deal.
Is the coach still for sale? I'm interested. Chuck two zero six four zero nine2323.
Seller has your info and will contact you.
Vamoose, seller tried calling the number you listed but hasn’t heard back from you. Is the number correct?
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