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Full Version: Very much a Newbie!
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I found and joined this forum yesterday as I am in the Tacoma area looking at an ‘04 M380, and was desperate for information as I am completely new to Wanderlodge, and some of the systems had me baffled. I am very thankful to have found this forum and some of the information I’ve seen posted so far gives me great encouragement to the idea of buying one of these older units that are out of production.
Unfortunately, the unit I found here was a dog and I walked away from it. (I think I heard it barking at me as I drove away...ha ha!) If anyone does a search for M380’s in this area they will likely turn this unit up… Buyer beware!
Welcome, and if you are interested in a good M380, with a good pedigree, there is or soon to be one for sale in California. If you get me your email info, I will pass it on to the owner.
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