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Full Version: Insinkerator instant hot water
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The instant hot water on the kitchen sink hasn’t worked since I bought this bus. Over the weekend the Grohe quick connect water connector on the kitchen faucet finally arrived after it broke off on my last trip. $30+ for a little piece of plastic that took Home Depot three weeks to deliver! Anyway, while I was under the sink fixing that, I decided to check out the instant hot before just buying a new one. Popped the front cover and checked for voltage. All good there. Then I noticed a fusible link. Hate those things! Put the meter on it and found it open. Grabbed a short very light weight jumper and connected around it. Sure enough, it started heating. Let it go full cycle and found the temp was way too high so adjusted that down to about 170. Flushed it out and recycled it and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. Quick google search found a proper Insinkerator brand replacement fusible link on eBay. Grabbed that and will finalize the repair when it arrives. Gotta love the easy (and cheap) fixes! Maybe this will help someone else not to replace an inoperable instant hot water heater.

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