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Full Version: Short term storage
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I need to park my 2001 LXi for about 10 days.
1- There will be food in refrigerator / freezer
2- No freezing problem
3- Plan to fill propane
4- Turn off battery master
5- Turn off electronic master

Will I be disappointed when I get back to my coach?

Please advise


Yes, as I'm fairly certain by turning off the battery and electronic master switches, you'll also be turning off the electric needed by the refrigerator. I'd do a test run before hand to verify. Turn each off and see if the fridge still works.
can you leave it plugged in?
I would have to have a full hook-up to plug it in - if possible I would like to save the money and just have it stored.
Will be in Miami
Do you have access to a regular 15A outlet? With a couple of adapters, that would be enough power to get you through the length of time. You could leave the battery chargers and the refrigerator going, but turn off all the rest. I've kept mine that way for quite a while in the past.
Thanks for the information. My wife said t stop being so "CHEEP"
I am just going to leave my coach in full hook up.
Another option would be to give the food to a local homeless shelter, store your coach "empty" and then refill once you return.
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