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Full Version: Watch TV without monthly charge
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I want to start by saying I am not the most techy guy.
I put two smart tv's in my LXi. They are a lot smarter than I am. I do not want a monthly charge or initial cost for a satellite system. I do have Amazon prime - would be willing to join Net flicks - Zulu etc.
I want to be able to get the standard channels - ABC, NBC, CBS FOX etc. I do have a iPhone with a hot spot - unlimited usage.

Often with my antenna I can pick up several stations - but I have to do a set-up each time I move the coach.

Hopefully someone has figured out what I am asking and can direct me on how to get what I am looking to accomplish.


Roku may be your best bet for what you want. The iPhone may be limiting, though. Mine, even with unlimited is not fast enough much of the time to truly stream a show. You may have to add a mifi unit. With the smart tv's, you should be able to try it and see what you get before you get too wild with add-ons and expenses. I'm also fairly sure there are other options out there, but have no clue what they are.
I'm playing with options also. At home , I have an Android box (similar to a Roku)
I can take the android box to the coach and use a hotspot (depending on data or available fast wifi ...which is not at resorts).
I bought a MOFI router which will take a SIMM card or a WAN in (I use an antenna ..NANObeam M2 by ubiquiti.. Aim it at a source or tower 1/10 of a mile away)
If there is no wifi nearby, I use Project Fi for my Simm card .. They supply up to 6 of them free but my unlimited is throttled after 15 Gig ($60).
If you have a SONY TV (and a couple others I think) It is Android, so you don't need the Roku or separate box. You can load the movie apps etc. directly onto it. It can be somewhat difficult as the normal Playstore doesn't have some of the apps you want. You have to download the "Sideloader" first.

Best to get a 13 year old to do it for us...otherwise ... a day gets destroyed

Too soon old...too late smart
Best to get a 13 year old to do it for us...otherwise ... a day gets destroyed
Ross- you nailed it
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