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Full Version: 110 volt air compressor
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I may need to replace my 110 volt air compressor.

What brand and model is a good replacement for the original Gast air pump?
Most air compressors are really noisy. My Vantare has a Jun-Air which is very quiet. I believe it's a Model 3, 120VAC, but I'll check for you.

For a less expensive but still quiet solution some have installed Silentaire's, the 30TC or the 50TC: https://www.dixieart.com/SilentaireIllustration.html
I use a Viair portable compressor...can be had either as a 110v or 12v. I have the 12v. Sure, some noise, but I'm sorta deaf anyways!Big Grin
Thanks. I will research that.

I have been looking at California Air, Senior, and Husky air compressors. Thinking of robbing the compressor from their unit.

Will order one when I get home.
Like David said, my Jun-Air in my 2001 LXi is pretty quiet and packs a punch. I thought it had a problem, so I plumbed it into one my portable compressors (6 gal) and it built pressure so fast, it blew the 100psi pop-off valve before I could run back in the bus to hit the off switch.

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