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Full Version: Fan-Tastic fan wiring info needed SP36
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Hello! I have a 1991 SP36, and the Fantastic vent in the bath has always had its troubles...it finally worked its way to the top of the list, and the wiring... well, the wiring... a mess of butt connectors and wires not connected to anything. I was able to get the fan running in and out, at all speeds, but it has the motorized lid lift, and there is the problem. I do not know which wires go to the switch contained in the lid lift arm assembly, and the motor that lifts the lid. I have a brown wire, and a black wire that comes from the bus. The motor runs off a monetary spring back switch located on the bulkhead with the overhead 12v thinkite switch, and the switch for the 12v light behind the toilet. I need to figure out which wires connect to allow me to use the momentary switch to open and close the lid. What I need is which wires (color) connect to 1) the switch located in the lid lift assembly 2) I have the positive wire (red) for the motor, but which wire (color) attaches to the other terminal on the lid lifter motor? A couple of pictures of the mess I found are attached, if I did the attachment properly! Thank you much

Brad Barrett
1991 sp36 “Lola”
Have you found an answer to this? I can only really base an answer off my PT, but probably similar-- power to the fan speed dial is sourced from a thermostat by the dinette, only when in "cool" mode. My up/down motor was powered from a nearby light, and I have no idea how original that connection is.
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