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Full Version: Air Conditioner Dometic
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my rig has three 13,500 btu units Duotherm ac units and a 4 button dometic controller. I run the front and rear ac off of the inverters when traveling and the ambient is not too hot, otherwise I run all three powered by the genset. I installed a hard start kit in the rear ac unit a couple of months ago because it kicked off the breaker and I can see it drew twice the starting amps to power on. I am not a fan of band aid fixes and when the hard start kit proved another breaker trip, I disabled the rear ac to avoid a discussion on my intent to replace.
I understand that I needed to upgrade the controller to a five button and replace all the cards in the ac units. and now I found that the 5 button is being replaced by a 10 button and new cards soon so I decided to drop in a single thermostat in the bedroom and upgrade the other two later with a central 10 button.

I called Dometic 800-366-8342 and 800 216-5155 and found that there are seven things to my ac system . One thermostat, three control cards and three ac compressor-boxes.
I asked the difference in the amp draw of a 15,000 btu compared to a 13,500 btu and tec said said it was about the same. I was looking for a push so I took her word and shopped a 15K. they have a compressor unit with a preinstalled card that fit the bill. and an inexpensive wall single unit controller.
Install went easy, do not forget to pull the bluebird ducting cone off of the bottom of the duo therm and attach it to the new unit. it looks duo therm factory but the cone keeps the intake and exhaust paths separate. dometic provides no wire diagram in the box and their website had different colors and a note that wire color may vary. the controller has labels.here is my hookup
red/white ............ to controller 12+ (used thermostat wire 25 foot)
red ............... to empty fuse in rear closet, 12V installed 1/2 amp then a 5 amp after no smoke
black........... to bus 12 ground and to 12v- pin on controller (new self-tap ground near bluebirds rear ground screws)
orange............ to CCOM center of the thermostat
blue for furnace there are two I have not addressed starting the aqua-hot yet see post below with call for help

I ran the other two ac units while installing the thermostat and notice that the full bus exhaust is continuous with a bit of flow in the bedroom from those other two units.
My review is the new unit is quieter, doesn't seem to be any cooler but I did not test the other 13.5k. I like having a control in the bedroom, only issue may be simultaneous starts which I think the single controller was programed to avoid?

641916CXX1c0 cw part #104103 and 3316250.000 cw part #88513



I want to hook up the aquahot pump and rear fans to the rear new independent controller I installed. the dometic has two blue wires for furnace but no idea of the wiring. I see a blue Bosch relay near the Bluebird ac hookup and assume this is to the aquahot but I can not find a wire diagram in my files for the control. Please advise
thanks in advance
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