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Full Version: Roadmaster Tow Bar..Proper height required
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Since we are talking tow bars.
I use a Roadmaster Sterling which has been great.
I remember seeing pictures of damage done when the car mount was higher than the coach receiver. With emergency braking, the car rode up over the hitch causing significant damage.
I felt that having a good Aux. braking system would prevent that...Proportional Brakemaster.
I had a locking pin (holds the cross bar down) and earlier a padlock break which released one side of the bar.
When the car is not even, heavy braking pushes the cross bar"Up" against the locking pins, padlock.
The pin on one side broke, allowing the car to wander and bending the crossbar.

My receiver riser is on order and my pins will be replaced with A4 grade.

Last year my padlock which I used as one of the pins went missing . Luckily, I noticed the car moving in the camera and there was no damage. At that time , I thought that the lock perhaps was not locked , and fell out. I believe that it fractured also.

Moral... Level your tow bar and consider stronger pins
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