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Full Version: 78 Wanderlodge FC35 and FL Title issues
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Hello everyone, My wife and I just purchased our first camper from IL.
At least that is what the title said, until FL tax collector decided to change the vin from the chassis vin to the body vin, and re-brand it a motor home.
I thought this a bit unusual, since it was a one owner unit and I even had shown that every registration from day one showed the chassis vin on the title and listed it a camper. I could sort of get changing from camper, because FL recognizes a camper as something pulled, not driven.
Has anyone else ever had this issue?
Either way we are stoked to own a classic one, and are already discovering that we know literally nothing about most systems[/size][/font], but it looks as though the blue box contains hours and hours of learning.
a one owner find- very rare. good luck with your adventure
Thank you Ernie!
The drive home with it was generally uneventful, but the bus had only been driven less than 1,000 miles since 2000, and 800 of them in 2014 and parked since.
We are hoping to keep everything as time capsule as possible. The only thing missing are the washer and dryer which were removed for some reason.
Thanks for the encouragement,
I have been researching the propane system, to check and service everything before attempting use of anything. Can you direct me to a thread that this has been covered in? found a few very general ones and one on the suburban heaters which was very helpful so far.
Peace, Smile
I'd leave the washer/dryer out and opt for more closet room
Thanks Ernie, that is what the people who owned this did.
My wife has two stacks of very nice horse riding outfits that we are going to donate.
She couldn't believe that they got all that in there. Elana, my wife also agrees with you. Did you or any of you longtime owners ever hear of the Binghams ? They were the former owners, and owned several bus companies in IL and CO.
I will add a photo as soon as I figure out how to get them off my phone, I am a bit of a dinosaur myself!
Peace, Joe Smile
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