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Full Version: Roadside assistance plans
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Who has the best roadside assistance plans? Coach-Net, Good Sams (Allstate), FMCA, etc. Who would you recommend?
Good Sam experience was not good. Left us at a Flying J pump overnight. Every time you call, you have to go through the initial identification routine; numbers , name , address. Reimbursement was $100 short.
Now with Coach Net. Hopefully I will not have a comparison to post.
First time(last century) I used Good Sam, it was great. Next time(this century), I was left on side of road for over 6 hours while they decide where to take me and then dispatch a slide back.
Used coach net several times and they were great. Called back several times to make sure we were safe and had a wrecker dispatched quickly. One time, when I had a blow out, tire guy was there within half hour.
Thanks, I appreciate the info. Coach-Net it is then.
I have had Coach-Net for years and never an issue
Another perspective. I’ve had Coach-Net coverage for 12-15 years. I consider them insurance of last resort. I’ve had to use them three times. I’ve never had a response in under 8 hours, once nearly 24 hours later - in a major city for a broken leveling valve. Two added all sort of extra charges when they showed up even with Coach-Net on the line. I got reimbursed for only one of those instances. Relatively inexpensive insurance of last resort if a tow was required. And they seem to be better than the other choices, but far from outstanding in my experience. Kind of like my umbrella insurance - I hope never to use it, but I sure keep it in force.
If and when you have to use them, be sure to tell them that you are a BUS, and add your weight, length, and height. Then, make them repeat it back to you. If possible, ask for a slideback, not a wrecker. That way the driver doesn't have to disconnect the driveshaft, or remove the axles.
I have had a one ton wrecker come out to me, and the driver said that he was told that it was a small motorhome. Remember, you are dealing with someone that does not know anything about motorhomes.
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