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Full Version: Maybe our motorhomes are getting a little heavy...
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Published on May 3, 2018, KRTV, Montana's News Leader:

I just came back from a trip there in montana. The state has had way too much moisture and parking lots are mushy
Those new P50's are grossing at 63,000 if I recall correctly. Sad that a new one has to go through that. And I really hope that wasn't the MacKillop's changing brands! That is to say that I would understand if they did, but would really hate for this to be their maiden voyage in the new rig!
is Ross buying a Newell?
NO ! 63,000 GVWR ! where is that legal ? 44,600 on the rear

Note that it is now legal to have 24,000 on one axle

If I could....PREVOST !

Burned once.... not again!
(05-10-2018 12:43)dentmac Wrote: [ -> ]If I could....PREVOST !

Attaboy Ross!

Here's the GAWR specs for the P50:

Gross vehicle-weight rating
63,300 lbs.

Gross axle-weight rating, front
20,000 lbs.

Gross axle-weight rating, drive
28,600 lbs.

Gross axle-weight rating, tag
16,000 lbs.
Don’t those axle weight ratings add up to 64,400?

In any event, those owners aren’t going to be on the Ohio Turnpike with that drive axle fully loaded. LOL

Coincidentally, I looked at a Newell built stacker on Wednesday. It was also rediculously heavy.
The discrepancy can be due to the Drive:Tag ratio. Usually 60:40 (or 65:35 if you are trying to lighten the front end ) ( a BB trick Sad ) As RV load increases, and one axle approaches max. GAWR the other axle is not at its maximum due to the ratio. The outcome is less load than the simple addition of the 2 axles GAWR.

May not be true , but sounds good Eh!
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