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Full Version: 2001 LXi chassis A/C
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Hopefully some one can give me a suggestion. I have a 2001 LXI and the chassis A/C is not working. If I put power right to the clutch it works. I know the HP switch is OK. I am not sure where the LP switch is located. Not sure what other safety could be holding the system off. I did not want to start tearing the dash unit until I got a little advice. I believe I checked the fuse - I believe it is in the compartment outside under the window of the drivers seat.
Any help would be appreciated.

Does the large radiator fan run at full speed when you switch the chassis A/C on? Does the dash A/C fan run when you switch the A/C on? What are you referring to with HP and LP switches?
The fuse list show two fuses located in the lower front dash that are chassis A/C related. They are K39 and SK6.

I did have an issue with my chassis A/C where it just quit working. I finally found a loose butt splice wire connection under the dash. I did not have to remove much of the dash but was able to lay on the floor and stick my head up under the dash and move the wires around behind and near the chassis A/C switch and found the problem. I turned the ignition switch and the A/C switch on as I looked for loose wire connections and when I moved the wires around a certain way the dash A/C fan would come on and helped direct me to the loose connection.
Thanks Chuck. I am leaving (without the motorhome) for a couple of weeks. this is good information and I will get into it as soon as I get back and will let you know what I found.


I use my inverter to run the front and back ac. I need to update the back ac as it seems to have issues starting unless the center one is running which requires a genset running. could be the nuturel wont handle the uneven load? I took the AC compressor off when I did a radiator removal and put it in the NO box. (archive stuff for the Next owner)
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