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Full Version: New member-just joined
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Hello everyone,
Just joined this wonderful Wanderlodge Forum. Hoping to learn a lot about the BB Wanderlodge as I decide which type I want to buy.

A little about me. I’m a married 56-year-old and a farther to a beautiful 23-year-old daughter Ashley. I live in Bayside Queens NY. I used to own a 1993 31’ Tiffin Allegro Bay. Currently I own a 2007 Holiday Rambler 23’ Augusta Sport class C. I hope within the next year or two to either be the proud owner of a BB Wanderlodge or Prevost. I’m leaning towards the BB Wanderlodge. In the meantime, I hope you let me hang around here to soak up as much Wanderlodge knowledge as possible.

If there are any BB Wanderlodge owners in the surrounding states of NY I would like the opportunity to see a Wanderlodge up close.

Welcome Ralph,

Great idea to look for a Bird - not that we’re biased around here of course! LOL!

There are some Birds around NYS, but they are such a rare breed you’ll seldom find a large flock in close proximity. Even in a city as large as San Antonio there are only about four Birds that I know of. My current plan is to be in far upstate NY in early summer near Lake Champlain for a week or so in case you don’t find any by then. I think there is a Bird owner that lives in Plattsburgh.

Happy hunting.
Thank you for the warm welcome
I hope to gain a lot of knowledge here on this forum.

Thank you for the warm welcome

I hope to gain a lot of knowledge on this forum.

Welcome to the forum Ralph!
Welcome Ralph, learn all you can and be sure to ask questions. Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question. We have all been there and done that. Most of us more than once.....or twice...or more, and each time it's a steep learning curve.
Hi Ralph, My wife and I are "new old bird owners" and are excited about our new bus, built like a tank and the cool factor for us anyway far outweighs the glitter and allure of the newer rigs. We got a very nice setup without rust or alteration and could not be happier. keep looking and if you get in one, you will want one. Of course as Mike stated, I tend to share the bias!
Peace!, Joe
I'm very happy to come this forum.
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