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Full Version: Michelin Tire Facts Update
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David Brady posted this on the Prevost Gurus site and I thought it was worth repeating here. Thanks David.

Michelin Tire Facts From POG Tampa Show

Per a Michelin Representative Presentation:
-Michelin has extended the Warranty from 5 years to 7 years.
-The installation date determines the start of the Warranty.
-The 7 year Warranty is prorated based on tread depth.
-The useful life of a Michelin 315 or a 365 tire is 10 years.
-The DOT code on the sidewall determines the 10 year life cycle date.
Good info as I am taking my 5.5 year old tires to my Michelin dealer for inspection and warranty since they are exhibiting severe sidewall cracking. I have never had Michelin’s do this before. Yes, they are stored under cover, had covers when outside, and have been filled to about 125psi on fronts and 110-115 on rears (versus 130 max psi on tire sidewalls). Hadn’t really planned on replacing them so soon, so we shall see. Had BFG ST230’s on prior Bird that were over 10 years when I replaced them and they looked great compared to these Michelin’s.

My pleasure Mike.

Another thing worth mentioning: The 7 year warranty includes all tires less than 5 years old that are currently in service.

I bought my Michelins at about the same time. I'd be interested in what Michelin says about yours.

I’ll let you know after I get over to the Michelin dealer. I didn’t rush over to the dealer and I’m not hopeful of much after David’s last caveat that the 7 year warranty only applies to tires less than 5 years old and mine are 5.5 years old.
I would like to comment on Michelin tires. 50 years ago, Michelin was probably the best tire out there. Us destitute independent truckers envied them.

Today, I would not buy a Michelin tire unless I was broke down on the road and had no choice. The side walls can rot out in 4 years even if you keep them covered.

I have used Toyo (I have no financial interest) on every thing I own for the last 20 years and have been very satisfied.

One man's opinion!

Long time no hear! Glad you're doing well. I'm afraid I'm tied to Michelin. Michelin is the only manufacturer who makes a 365/70/R22.5 which is what I use on my steer and tag axle, so I'm grateful they exist.
Hey George,
Good to hear from you again. For the record, your comment “The side walls can rot out in 4 years even if you keep them covered.” is darn near verbatim of what I am gettting from the Michelin dealer! Looks like dry rot, ts. Want some new X-lines? They have better sidewalls.

So which Toyo model do you use?

OK, to follow up on this thread, I spoke with a Michelin Corporate rep in a group called Non-P Tires (as in non-passenger car tires) about warranty issues on the sidewalls of my 315/80R22.5 XGA2 NRG front tires. It seems that Michelin’s warranty is suspect at best. After we discussed my steer tire sidewalls coming apart (including my steerable tag axle). He suddenly asked “How did you buy them?” I said “What do you mean? I bought them from a tire dealer, of course.” He said “No. Did you buy them over the counter, or through a discount program?” When I responded I bought them through the FMCA discount program, the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while hit my ears. He proceeded to tell me well, they are “not qualified for warranty if purchasing at a discount program”! I wrote that down verbatim and after collecting my breath read it back to him. He said yes. Think about it. If we sell them at a discount we’re not going to replace them and take a further loss! When I suggested that can’t be right, can you check with someone, he put me on hold and came back later and said “yes, it’s just as I said”. I repeat, one of the dumbest conversations ever.

I thanked him for his time and have moved on to looking at Toyo and Continentals. See more on the Continental thread.

BTW, the Michelin reps assured me that per their internal engineering documents, the only difference between the XGA2, which I have, and the new X-Line tires is an “even softer compound for better ride”, no changes to sidewall as the dealer had told me.

At this point, I’m pretty sure my next tires are not Michelins. The Contis have the same limited 7 year warranty that Michelin just recently announced. They tell me they have stronger sidewall and the tire core is rated for three retreads for over the road rigs, so I think that says something about their confidence in the quality of their basic tire carcass. They also own General Tire and just recently purchased Hoosier tires. The Conti USA plant is in Mt Vernon, IL. The Toyos are from South Korea.

I did have a fun conversation with the FMCA reps after the Michelin call. I also told them that a $50 discount under walk in the door price wasn’t much of a discount, I don’t care what the MSRP is. The Continental discount is about $200-250 under the street price.

Hi Mike and David, The last set I phased in on my lxi were BF Goodrich st230.10,000 miles now and I like them. I got on a cycle of dropping new rubber out front every 2 years. I tried to stay all Khumo but now I go for the best deal. 2 year old tires from the front go to the location of the 8 year old tires on the back. this way I never steer on 25 month old tires. No more dumptruck to spinn the 8 year old tires on so I just let the Mobil service tire guy have the 8yolds. when I had my dumptruck I would run them on the steers for two years and rip up new 11r 22.5 retreads on the twin screw drives every 8 to 12 months.
Phase-in is different then tire rotation. I think resale on a bus that has new tire phase-in set up would bring no negative impact and add a comfortable cost of ownership. the math is one tire every year.
Gregory O'Connor (sorry about making a new profile I lost the old credentials)
Welcome back Greg!

Just to be clear, you are running the BFG ST230 tires on your current LXi?

I had the ST230 on my 91 and I loved them. I pushed close to 10 years and they looked as good as new when I replaced them with Michelins. I still have one as a spare. I hadn’t mentioned them due to their Michelin connection and until now I didn’t know anyone else running them in 315/80R22.5.

Say “hi” to Tim.
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