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Full Version: Battey
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My 2001 LXi is kept in a heated building with the power cord plugged in when it is not in use.
I have been told this is bad for the batteries and that it was good - which one?
Does the system charge all the batteries (coach - engine - generator) at the same time and rate?
I am open to any suggestions to get the maximum life out of the batteries.

Thanks and Happy New Year
I always had my 4 birds plugged in all the time.
I, also kept my two birds plugged in all the time. Now if you have lead acid batteries, they need to be checked for water every couple of months. If not, disregard this last statement.

Keep you LXi plugged in. Your inverters are "smart" chargers and will keep the chassis and house batteries topped off during their "float" sequence. They should not over-charge your batteries.

The LXi generator's battery is charged only by the generator. If the generator battery goes dead, you can start the generator using the chassis battery bank by holding down the momentary Generator Auxiliary Battery switch by the driver seat while cranking the generator. If your chassis battery bank becomes discharged, you can also start the S-60 using the house battery bank by using the Auxiliary Battery switch. See section 6-5 & 6-6 of your owner's manual here> http://www.wanderlodgegurus.com/misc.php?page=library Click on "Owner's Manuals" then page down and click on "2001 43' Wanderlodge LXi Owner's Manual.pdf"

Unless someone has changed them to lead acid, your house batteries should be maintenance-free AGMs but both your chassis battery bank and the generator battery are probably of the lead-acid type which will need the water level to be maintained as Steve mentioned above.
Thanks Chuck - I will check all the batteries and make sure they are the right type.

Happy New Year
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