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Full Version: 100 miles, stored and very dusty. WORTH TROUBLE?
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Hi. Sadly, older couple bought new wanderlodge and only 100 miles on it. Dealer drove to storage for them and then couple unable to travel. Plastic protectors still on furnishing. Time warp of early 1990's.

I know the tires must be replaced, light reflectors clouded (little things) My real fear are the problems caused by sitting up so long...fluids left in hoses, refrigeration, lubes, gas, anything rubber.

Any of you have a $ thought on what is might cost me to get it up and running and not break apart while traveling.

Thank you!
Interesting. Stored indoors? Wonder if you can pressurize the oil before cranking.
New tires, check brake function, lots of air pressure, no air leaks, Grease everything that moves.
Then you're safe.
Good Luck.
Thank you. Wish it was stored inside. Stored outside but under a roof and on pavement.
Still worth it. Depends on $ of course . Mine sat 6 years.. No cover!
Depending on the $$$, it sounds like one of those ‘finds of a lifetime’. I second the comments Ross made. I would add also, to check for mildew, mold or massive rodent infestations.

Tires? Absolutely. It would even be nice to have the tire shop come to the storage facility if they will.
Start Batteries? Yes. House batteries? Yes, but not needed to drive off.
Oil pressurize? I have mixed emotions here. The purist in me says yes. Would be nice if possible. Could be done by attaching a small pump at the at the oil pressure fitting and pump a quart in. Even that however is not going to get oil to the rotating surfaces or cylinder walls. The sceptic in me says just click the starter to turn it over a few times before full start to pressurize the oil system. New engines from the factory are not pressurized when they are fired up for the first time. They may have some assembly lube, but they are going to build pressure in about 2-3 seconds anyway. I would change the oil fairly soon after taking the Bird home.
Fuel? OK, here’s a problem area. 25+ year old sitting fuel may have condensation build up, and even algae growth. I would if possible try to drain some fuel from the tank sump, via the petcock on the sump, to see how much water has accumulated and what the fuel looks like. If it looks ok, try to fire the engine up. I would get fresh fuel added asap, a good diesel fuel additive (algae control if needed) and load up with racor and fuel filters for the trip home, just in case.

If and when it fires up, builds oil pressure, air pressure and no obvious oil/coolant/air leaks, I would go for it and ride around locally and then hit the road if everything seems to be working (like brakes and lights). Many Birds only make one big trip a year and then sit. Many of the 90’s Birds still have all their original plumbing, rubber items including hoses, air bags and brake chambers, so I wouldn’t actually worry too much about those things unless obvious problems exist.

Good luck with your time warp find and keep us updated.
I would go for it. Good comments above. I would try to use the starter for several seconds at a time, then quit. Do again. Try to get some oil up there before starting.

Fuel? I guess if you are getting a good deal, I might be tempted to get it drained, and refilled. That said, as long as algae did not grow, it should be ok.
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