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Full Version: Sewer Connections
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Needless to say emptying the tanks is probably the worst part of having a motorhome.
Has any one come up with a simpler / cleaner system?
What about these pumps that use a water hose?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I added a Sani Con system over 3 years ago. Nice to get rid of the 3 inch hose and leave everything attached. They don't make the unit anymore but the new one looks better. The intake is 3 inch and with the 1.5 inch hose , it will be fast. It seems that Thetford is changing their marketing so I'm having trouble actually seeing one. They want you to deal with their "Gold"dealers
I may switch to it and keep the old one as backup.
I ordered one.. Independence RV...$399 We'll see.
Please let me know how you like it. Maybe send a picture. I would also like to know that if you are at a hook up in an RV park for a few days does it just drain or do you need to turn on the pump.
I think it would be well worth the money if it makes the job easier.

The previous Saniconhad a "Bypass" so leaving the grey open allowed continuous drainage. (Not for black) On this one, I don't know. It should be quick.
New Sami Con Turbo installed. It replaced the Sani con and is 35 amp.( Requires new wiring) The hose is 1 1/2 inch vs 1. Grey water will bypass, but I wouldn't want to leave the black valve ope. Very fast. Grey was over 1/2 full.Took 35 seconds. I have a Cam Lock quick connect out the bottom so no need to pass the hose out the bottom. Moving the water filter gives lots of room for the hose.
I want to do this mod. and add a manual valve to the mix. We have rebuilt 6 GMC retro rigs for some reason 5 have all came with sewer pump mods installed. one rig has an optional exhaust system crap incinerator I would like to rework it for the caddy 500 rig we are building to keep. these rigs are fun but the tanks are only 30 gal mixed grey black
Hi - just wanted to see if anyone has installed and have experience with
one of these. The money would be worth it if it made this process easier and cleaner.
Interested in how long it takes to drain the tanks?
How does it work when you have a full hook up?
Do you leave it attached all the time?
Where do you store the hose?

Thanks for any information

Here is the mod that I did. Electric valves, Made a galvanized pan the drops down 1.5 inches to allow for Sani con unit and outlet.
Outside hose connection is Cam-lock. Hose stuffs in the "Pan" area where the water hose is running through now. Using a Cam lock plug on one end and the outlet plug included, the hose is closed at both ends when stored. I keep an extra length (Cam lock ends attach to each other...no leaks.). The hose recoils quite a bit.
Grey water bypasses easily. It is very fast.. No need for flat sewer hose ramps.
Very powerful. Unlike old Sanicon, you don't hear any slowdown or strain.
I would not leave black open. Pics one at a time Couldn't "Add"
i tied my Black and Gray together for more holding ability--didnt add a hose container but now i can shut the door and leave hookups on
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