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Full Version: 2001 LXi Windshield
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On my last trip the passenger side windshield cracked - the driver's side cracked on my first trip. I have only owned for a few months.

Is this a common problem?
Are there different quality levels in the glass?
I am in Illinois - does anyone know of a good place to get them replaced?
Any idea on cost?

Hopefully this is not an ongoing problem - it could get to be quite expensive.
Not a normal problem, unless you travel on gravel roads or follow gravel trucks.
You can look up Guardian Glass and they should have or can get your windshield. You will probably have to give them the info that is listed on your windshield in one of the lower corners. If you are a member of FMCA, they will give you a discount, or if you have that type of insurance, they will cover it. Good luck
thanks - I will contact them.

Mine seem to be more of a stress crack - going from the bottom to the top. They both seem to start in the outside corner and goes to the top.
You've mentioned that your coach is riding very rough. This is very unusual for a LXi with 10 air bags. Find out why your coach is so rough riding and you may solve the problem with both windshields stress cracking.
Rereading your statement, I realize what you think is a problem with Wanderlodges. I have not heard of this before, but that does not mean that you don't have a problem. When the windshields are changed, I would have the person doing it check for something abnormal in the areas where the crack started.
Remember, the front cap is reinforced fiberglass, with steel braces in it.
Thanks Chuck
I just had George Morris check it our and the right front shock is defective. He tried to order them - I wanted to replace both (Koni ) - but his supplier was out of stock. I had to get back home so he will just send them to me - adjusted.

Hopefully this solves the problem. I believe one of your old coaches was also there.



Those front shocks should be adjustable. When you install the front shocks, I think it has been found that one-half turn off fully soft gives the best ride? David or someone else can confirm (or not) that that's the best setting for a soft ride. You should replace all the shocks on the bus to insure a good ride. Someone here should have all the proper shock part #s. I'lI check to see if I still have them in my BB files.
(From My Files)
These are the Koni shocks I put on my bus.
Steer (adjustable) 90-2497SP1
Drive (FSD, non-adjustable) 9005-1025
Tag (FSD, non-adjustable) 8805-1010.
Those are the numbers for a wide variety of years. Mine takes the same ones. Makes a huge difference in ride quality. Joklahoma roads are some of the worst and the shocks take a real beating. Still, you should not be cracking windshields over any normal road. It takes a whole bunch of twisting frame stress to crack a windshield. It can be done, though.
Hey, Urnie. A few weeks ago I purchased a set of the Koni front shocks (90-2497SP1) online from LTB Motorsports. I paid $181.60 ea. and free shipping. That was the best price I could find at the time.

As far as the windshield cracking, I've not had any problems like that on my coach, and we've been on some rough roads. I know my windshield is not exactly like yours but I'd thought I'd throw my feedback out there for you to add to your data collection.

We're insured in Florida where damaged windshield replacement is part of our policy at no-cost. I had my driver's windshield replaced last year. The replacement company used the data on the lower outside corner of the windshield to order a exact replacement.
Hi Urnie,

Chuck's correct - I set my shocks to 1/2 turn from full soft for the best ride without giving up too much in handling. Suspension systems are always a tradeoff between tautness of handling and suppleness of ride. You can easily adjust the Koni's too tight for a stiff ride. What did George Morris think of the ride? What changes did he make? Did you remove the sway bar? The bus body will twist more on the HWH jacks then it will on the air suspension. One way to tell is if the entryway door is hard to close; if the bus is twisted to that degree it will definitely put some strain on the glass. I'm a fan of air leveling for this reason.
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