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Full Version: 2001 LXi Passenger Side Mirror
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My coach rides so rough that the top glass from the passenger side mirror fell off. Does anyone know where to get a replacement? This is the smaller "wide vision" mirror.
The unit is powered.

They're made by Ramco and are still available: http://www.ramco-eng.com/mirror-chart
Thanks David
I will actually be in Elkhart next week and will stop by the plant and pick one up.
It'd be interesting to see what else they can do for you. Ramco is very familiar with the many complaints from the busing and RVing world with regard to their mirrors, specifically the looseness and shaking of the reflective components. I think they offer a fix for these issues. Should be no charge. Please report back with any remedy they might provide. Thanks!
when I purchased my prior 97 wlwb43, the first mile I drove, that same thing happened. I did have some electrical tape to fix it till I arrived home. fortunately, the wire held the mirror from falling to the highway
Hi David

They finaly did replay - $38.00 + tax
Not a big deal but you would think companies would stand behind their products better if there has been several complaints
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