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Full Version: Westhaver is shut down
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The folks that make the autostart circuitry for our rigs and others have stopped making them and are closing (have closed) their doors. Their website is still up for info, but that's about it.
Gen runs but the voltage in both legs goes up and down 0 to 150 volts fan is running after about 10 min breaker goes out 15 k power tec gen 2003 lxi:D:D

That sounds like a bad voltage regulator.
Voltage reg location on a 2003 Lxi is it in the box with the circuit breaker on to of the gen looks like a fun job to get at I though it was in the stop start box just 4 relays any tricks to get at it thanks. Phil wells 2nd bird 1 vogue
Yep, it is in a difficult place to access but it can be done. You don't have many options but to crawl in there or pull the whole generator out further. Many owners have relocated that voltage regulator to near the stop/start box for easier access next time.
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