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Full Version: Air Suspension Issues
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Seems I have been having some issues with my air system . Our coach has the steerable Tag ,or following, which ever you prefer Smile

well the way I understand it there should be a adjustable valve up on the cross member behind the Tag . Well all I have there is 2 3 position valves .

1 handles the supply and feeds the cylinder for the tag , then it branches off to a valve that feeds the tag and also has the 2 wires from the clippard valve to dump .

My question , does anyone have a clew where else the PPV could be ,and also why only 1 Tag bag would fill .

There are no holes or air leaks in the bags . Thank you in advance Smile
Hi Al,

Attached is a schematic for the LXi steerable tag air system. Maybe it'll help:

From the schematic there should be two valve assemblies for the tag, one for the left and another from the right, items 28 and 33 on the schematic. Perhaps you addressed one assembly but not the other?
thank you , I will look for those for sure , and I did buy 2 Smile

Although I don't think the tag air pressure regulator valve would be causing one of the tag bags not to inflate, I noticed on the other site that you could not find it. Some of these valves were placed where Randy said his was located and some were located on the center of the frame cross member above the tag axle. That was where it was located on my 2000 LXi with a steerable tag. It was hidden under the sprayed on insulation. Be careful when adjusting it as that will effect the axle loading on the other two axles, especially the steer axle.
hello Chuck , It is always good to hear what you have to say Pop :)lol .

Well you are correct , it seems the only way to get me on the road was to bypass one of the ported valves and directly feed the tag from the aux tank . All is good and if you feel like helping me figure this out let me know and Erika and I will plan a visit to you in NV , as we have one of our daughters working close by in St George UT .

Thank you for the Drawing David , it was a big help to the tech who took pride in working on the bus . All good for now WaGu , good to know some Prevost owners still care about us school bus boys Smile
sure we do, Al- I never had a steerable so I could comment
My pleasure Al, besides now that I own a Prevost what else am I to do with all my spare time? LOL!

Just remember if you ever want to visit a area where the extended length, and lack of turning of the Prevost will prevent you from accessing , know that a true top of the line RV is there for you Smile after all your coach was built to carry passengers from one point to another , and , although it is true the BB gives up comfort in the ride , it provide Luxury at campgrounds you can not access Smile Love you Brother Smile

The most difficult maneuver I've had to do with either coach is back into my garage and both my LXi and my H345 do it in a two point turn. I can raise my H3 with the push of a button clearing obstacles that my LXi scraped over. The H3 has an IFS steer axle with a 57 deg cut which allows it to turn as tight a radius as the LXi. The trick is to back in if possible. No one should be afraid of the size of these things, you can get them into the most incredibly tight places. It is indisputable though that Wanderlodge owners are nicer people! When will you be in Casper? I'll be in Wyoming tomorrow.
This coach is the first I have had with Over the Road air- nice and quiet
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