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Full Version: Quartzite 2018
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Here's the preliminary info for the after rally after Q:


The password is "flocktogether".

As a warning- there seems to be 2 different Las Vegas KOA's. Make sure you verify the address before finalizing any reservations.
This is the second largest yearly gathering of Blue Bird Wanderlodge coaches, and the largest yearly gathering of Blue Birds west of Pine Mountain, GA.

“Birds of a Feather” 2018 Quartzsite Blue Bird Rally information is available for viewing. Click on https://birdsofafeather1.shutterfly.com/ the password is flocktogether. The documents are fluid in that they will be revised some as time moves forward.

Nesting area is the same as all prior years. Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/6Grhe Takes a few seconds to load. Instructions are on the left.

GPS 33°36'43.3"N 114°12'01.3"W

Hope you can join in the fun at Q.
94 units made it to the BoF Quartzsite 2018 rally. The flu held some folks back. See you in 2019.
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