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Full Version: ESTER OIL Air Conditioner Compressor
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well , it looks like it need to be repaired or replace . Any one know of a repair facility here in Shipshewana In ? If so we would appreciate some ideas .
I think it is shot . It started a few days back by not delivering cold air . Then I heard a high pitch sound from the compressor area . After removal of the belts the sound stopped and I noticed the pulley was loose . Thank you in advance
Hey Al,

I think those cheap aluminum bodied compressors are throw away. You can get them at Freightliner for around $350 last I looked:

Freightliner: ABPN83304101T
CCI: No: 2918111
PT: ET210L-25073C
thank you , I will try to get one today . when you say cheap , are you comparing it to the Prevost OTR Air Smile
How about that , found it with the same numbers you posted David Smile and it is ready for pick up today . Well , you wouldn't need it today at all but I know 110 in the green house , which the drivers seat is , will be right around the corner . Boy do I love this Preventive Maintenance thing , hahaha thank you for the part number .
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