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The 2 front jacks on our 1993 WB are leaking hydraulic fluid. Jack decided to retract the jacks. The left front jack will not retract. Where is the hydraulic manifold located? It has the 4 solenoids and the t-handle release valves mentioned in our Gray binder; section on HWH leveling system. The instructions tell exactly how to solve this problem EXCEPT for finding this hydraulic manifold!! Please help us if you can.
Thanks from Jack and Liz, Lone Star Corral Hondo, TX
On my LXi, the HWH hydraulic manifold was located behind the forward wall of the first bay. There was an access panel on that wall that you can remove to get to the manifold. Once opened, the T handle is clearly visible. Probably located in the same place on your WB.
My 96 manifold is in front of the entry stairs, in behind the passenger headlight area.

You have to go under the front end and look up into that area to see the manifold.

Liz, were you able to get this issue handled ?
Howdy, Al.

"Liz, were you able to get this issue handled ?"

Yes and thank you for asking. Jack found the hydraulic manifold right behind the front bumper by lying on the ground and looking under the coach. He found the correct T-handle and turned it a bit. Then took our crowbar and by getting it under the wooden pad, lifted the pad and jack a little. Then the jack slowly retracted. Our Bird is sitting on the tires for now.

Not sure what we will do about those jacks.

Jack and Liz Pearce, SKPS
Lone Star Corral
Hondo, TX
Good job to you both Liz , say hello to jack for me Smile
Howdy, Al.
Here is an update on our situation.

Air up the suspension, slide wood blocks under each jack. Release the air.
Jack wants to have the coach off of the tires. Right side outer drive tire seems low. Our neighbor came and helped Jack try to put air in the inner drive tire but the men couldn't get a good seal on the valve stem.

We have the lumber to construct the blocks. Some of our neighbors here in the park might be able to cut it up. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Jack and Liz Pearce
Lone Star Corral skp park
Dhanis, TX
Liz, Just a thought , but if your plans are to stay put , may be its time to sell the BB and move to something more accommodating , just a thought . As you very well know , coaches need to be rolling once in a while .
I'm glade your getting some help . and lets us know if you need anything else .
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