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Full Version: Factory installed flooring-450 Lxi
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This is what I found:

I think I can do much better
I thought that all 450's had tile originally. Some was removed for the weight issue.
Are you removing the carpet in the back? Glued in part? Engine access? Engine compartment sealed? Note:black carpet at edges and receptacle.

Ross, every 450 I have been in has had that laminate. I removed all laminate and carpet. Will go back with engineered oak.

I removed the old stair nose and installed some new-
Thanks Ernie,
I looked in one of the manuals and it describes "Caring for laminate flooring".So most must be laminate.
Funny however, as I have only been in 3 others, all ceramic. (2 with grout issues).
Comments please on the carpet removal and what you see there.
Carpet removal was no issue. They used tack strips and staples like most of the other manufacturers. The carpet on the riser under cabinets in bedroom was not all the way under the cabinets. Pretty straight forward for removal.
Is there any engine access? Like a few screws and lift a panel? Is there any attempt to block engine soot at edges and recepticle box.( Should be)
There is a 2 foot square area that looks like engine access. The carpet was not cut to gain access to that. I'm going to add wood to that step up and will make it so there will be access.
new flooring
Ahhhh, that's the floor this coach deserves. Well done Ernie!
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