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Full Version: strange smell from Bedroom
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well it's back ,

On the climb out of Indo to Las Vegas a strange smell returned that I thought was the muffler , but with it replaced the smell remains.

I would like to find it now prior to doing some real climbing in a few days on the way to Denver . On a walk around the coach and in inspection of engine compartment there is no smoke or smell . what ever it is , only starts after all long climb. So I read maybe the insulation in the bay but would nt that also smell out side ? Any and all ideas will be followed up on .
Hi Al,

What does it smell like? My LXi sometimes smelled wonky in the bedroom after a long climb with elevated temps. It was a sweet acrid smell. Hard to describe. Never figured out what it was. I guess I assumed it was the engine insulation or the insulation BB used in the walls.
I get it occasionally on long, hard pulls. I believe it is the engine coolant, hopefully coming out the overflow.
must be a Blue Bird Gremlin Smile

Hal, I do not think it is the coolant , cause if burning some would be missing , would you not think ?

I also find it interesting that you have the same issue on you LX

Also , it is not the Trans oil , that to I have checked .

I have also opened the doors in the rear where the Elec is , and nothing there either .

So David , you never did track that smell down after 4 or 5 years Smile

I replaced all the insulation in my engine compartment, but I sold the before I had a chance to test it out.
well it was back again today . Left Vegas around 9am and made it to the rest stop 80mm on I70 . There were a few climbs that dropped speed to 35mph . I did tell you I now pull a 18k LB Trailer ? Well you need one if you want to bring your Golf cart , MC Harley Road Glide and H3 Hummer , along with some bikes and extra parts .I did go slower with the toad , but the smell was the same .

I was water temps hit as high as 214 twice . I kept the Pyro under 750 , I guess this attributed to the 35mpr at times . Kept RPMs at 1,800 to 2,000 on climbs . All and all ,a good day on the road Smile

But the smell Remains ?
You guys are so timely, sorry I had not check this forum in a while. Good stuff. Not checking the interwebs has been good for the soul though, says the recently retired it guy.
Hello Randy ,

So tell me you in Denver ? We were thinking of staying at Dakota Ridge , have you heard ? Plan to be there till Sat . Not looing forward to the 12k drop into Denver tomorrow ,lol
We are in north Fort Collins now, headed to Rapid City, SD tomorrow for a few weeks to stake our flag and declare our domicile.

All our NC licence tags expired last month, so kind of got in a hurry.
that's funny , we will be there on Wends , lol Fort Collins that is . By the way you get any Hail over there today ? We did , lol
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