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Full Version: HWH Issue
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Hello WaGu ,

Have working on a issue the past few days with the HWH . We have no power to the Jack Panel in the coach . Here is what we know so far P1d4 fuse in the coach driver side panel blows when the 15amp fuse is inserted in the HWH bat fuse spot . So with the 3 blue fuses removed in the HWH box the 15amp fuse to the coach will not blow , but as soon as the bat 15amp fuse is inserted , the 15amp coach fuses blows.

So now that we know we have a HWH box issue , the question is , can we purchase 1 board , and which one is it , or do we need to send out the entire box to HWH for repair ?

Than you in advance for your expert advise Smile
Hi Al,

Glad you were able to track it down. I think you're going to have to either deliver the bus or the entire box to HWH in Moscow. I looked at detailed pics of the control boards and I think the failure could be on any of the boards. The 12V battery power is distributed to the entire box. I would think there'd be some input voltage conditioning and some DC to DC conversion to 5V for the electronics but I can't identify any. I'd also think there'd be some surge protection circuitry but again from my pics I can't identify any. Once in touch with HWH I'd ask them about voltage conditioning and surge protection. Maybe they can add some varistors or filtering. I do see the big blue can to the left. That looks like a large capacitor. This could be the extent of their voltage conditioning. I'd like to see more given the number of similar failures we've seen and considering the inconvenience and the expense that owners face.
thank you for the reply David ,

I keep coming back to Carmen cutting wires to eliminate the bay doors being the issue . The P1d3 is the compartment door/ constant power fuse . But , when I ran a fused 12v direct line to the D3 the 15amp HWH fuse popped . So I figure as George M said the issue is in the box . I think he should just make the coach road worthy and take a nice ride North to HWH .
yesterday we drove by HWH , that's right , you heard me correctly , we drove by , lol . After 3 years , I 'm happy to say , all is well with our slide, and jacks . Now we are in Shipshewana getting 3 new air units , just in time I will say , due to the hail storm taking out the front unit last week .
Also very happy we are no longer in Golden Co , looks like they are getting 12-24" snow , hahaha
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