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Full Version: changing and where to purchase 2000lxi headlights
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would like information about the changing the driving lights and high beam head lights on a 2000 lxi. Also, these seem to be enclosed units rather than just replacing the bulb. If the complete unit must come out it looks like special tooling might be required to reach and secure the nuts from the inside from bumper area in order to remove the light unit?
Is there anyone out there that has replaced these lights?
Thank you,

Hi Larry,

I swapped out my headlights on my LXi. I replaced them with 90mm Xenon HID enclosures which are complete headlamps with bulb, reflector, and ballast. To remove the headlamps you need to reach behind the bumper and undo the 4 T-bolts on each side. They should be only hand tight. Then the entire lexan cover can be removed from the bumper. I used plastic interior panel tools, available at Harbor Freight, to gently pry the molded fiberglass rear housing from the lexan cover. Once separated you can remove the foggy clear outer lens and fit the universal kit to house 90mm HIDs or whatever you choose. I installed these, http://www.rallylights.com/all/headlamps/l/90mm-module, the bi-xenon are pretty trick.

This is what I installed, but I'd probably go bi-xenon now: http://www.rallylights.com/hl68140-hella...-beam.html, and http://www.rallylights.com/hella-90mm-xe...-beam.html

Here's a set of 90mm LED headlights which I might try out on my Prevost: https://www.jwspeaker.com/products/bus-l...-model-90/. I'm no expert but it seems like LEDs are the future.
I was able to get through the first steps ok. When I ask the question on how to change I was to the headlight housings which seem to be secured with 4 1/4" phillips head bolts with the nuts on the back side which seem to me to be impossible to reach and especially hard to re align to replace the new housings, I seem to be missing something here? how do I get tooling or my arm up into that area to bolt the new light housing?

I don't understand the part about using plastic interior panel tools. What do they actually help do in this process? Must I have them to ge the job done?

I usually can do most of these smaller projects because I live in a remote area and apart from a facility to get work done, instructions are very helpful and appreciated.[/size]

Will the new light use the same plug for power that was on the original light?
Thank you,
Here's pics of the lexan cover, front and back. They're fastened on to the bus bumper with those long studs with t-bolts from behind the bumper. Sounds llike you got this far. Once you have the lexan removed then you'll see the 120mm headlamp units and the mounting brackets used to fasten them to the bumper. I pulled off the entire assemblies and replaced them with 90mm Xenon HID's using a universal mounting kit bracket from rallylights.com:
[attachment=2030], [attachment=2031].

I ran separate wire for the Xenon HIDs, but Xenons typically uses less power than Halogens so your stock wiring should be okay.

It's been a while but I seem to recall the nuts holding the housing brackets to the bumper are captive. Unless one breaks loose you shouldn't need to get behind them.

[attachment=2032], [attachment=2033].

You may want to look further for replacement lights. The ones you referenced are not IP67 certified, so they won't last more than a couple of years.
Thanks for the input John. I'm not sure but the attached doc does list IP67 certification for the JW Speaker Model 90. In any case, here's another by Dialight. Wonder if these are waterproof:

I see where the Model 90 does list the IP67 certification, but none of the others appear to. I've run into this with led lights for my trucks. Without that cert, they get water inside the housing and just don't last very long. The companies will often tell you "the heat from the light will get rid of the moisture". Lol
Thanks John. Now we know to look for waterproof ratings! Smile
Good to see some tips on headlight fix for LXi. The LXi I'll be looking at probably needing the headlight replacement as well. Hoping to take a look at it in next couple of days right after we finished installing the Smittybilt stuff on current jeep project. Would hate to have water inside the casing.
I am open to any suggestions. I see where David is suggesting the J.W. Speaker part number 0547751 as a replacement for the LXi.
The High Beam lights on my 2001 LXi (correct me if I am wrong but I believe the High Beam lights are the ones on the inside) are not very well - thought it would be easier to just replace.
David, I believe you have made this replacement on your LXi - is there any fitting problem? wiring problem? anything I should be aware of?
I appreciate any additional information.


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