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Full Version: ELEC HEATERS
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so from what i have found the coach has two elec heaters in it. both on seperate thermostats. one is located in the rear under a closet with the thermostat in the bathroom. it is working as it should. the other one is located up front under the dash in the center. thermostat is located between the kitchen and living room. the thermostat triggers the contactor but there is no 110 power at the contactor. all breakers are on. does any one know were this power is coming from?
What is the year and model of your bird?

I have (4) electric heaters. One located up front under the center drawer in the dash, one located in the galley, one in the bathroom under the sink and one located in the bedroom. Non of them are controlled by a wall thermostat.
Also, do you have the summer/winter switch in the proper position?
As weird as it sounds, you need the front AC toggle switch on the small control panel on left side of the driver station to be switched to "on" for that front electric heater to come on. I know, counter intuitive, but that's the way they wired them, shut your front AC off at its themostat. Then as well of course, you then need the right side switch below the thermostat to heat side and then the thermostat switch on the bottom left to be turned to on. Then slide the temp setting to something above ambient temp and it should turn on.

And there may be a breaker in the electric box in the back also for the front heater also. Can't remember from the 91 right now.
i will give that a try tonight. it is a 93 wb40. both are defintly ran off individual thermostats. there are more thermostats in this coach than a hotel! hahahaha
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