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Full Version: AIR HORNS
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so tried to get the air horns working yesterday. failed big time. i pulled a speaker above the front door and found the solenoid valve. both wires have 12v going to it. i used my air nozzle and was able to blow the horn. after disconnecting the valve from both lines the pass floor board does not operate any more. are they tied to the same lines? i switched the rocker switch over to the air side and pressed the horn button on the steering wheel. nothing. when i use the floor switch the elec reg horn turns on and does not go off untill i disconnect the wire from the rocker switch? any ideas on this?
When you press the horn button, on the air side, do you hear the solenoid clicking? What does the floor button do on the air side? Also, do you have air pressure in the system?
air pressure yes. when it is switched to air and i hit the foot switch the elec horn goes on and never turns off unless i pull the wire off of the rocker switch. i never here the solenoid clicking. also when i removed the solenoid the pass floor board stopped working. so i am trying to figure how those two are tied together. just sucks because there is not much room up there to work
The solenoid activates the air switch, allowing the air to pass to the horns. Sounds like the solenoid is sticking on, or a ground problem. Where, I don't know, as I have never had to chase those wires.
Out of curiosity, try a separate ground wire to the steering column, and see what happens.
thats a good idea. i will give it a try tonight and post up tomorrow. thanks
Did you ever figure it out? I was helping a buddy installing the headache racks and a couple of LED light bar on his truck when his brother stopped by. The air horn on his truck is intermittently working. Sometimes he doesn't hear the solenoid clicking.
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