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Full Version: PRIMUS
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so my 93 has the primus system in it. i have not been able to find out much info on it so far. which leads me to believe that parts are going to be a pain to find also. as of now it does not work and most of the wires are disconnected at each control panel in the front and rear of the coach. i did download an operators manual for my system but what i really need is the installation manual so i can basically re install the system. if anyone has this that would be awesome. last question, is there a system that i can replace the primus system with that will still work with the primus heating panels around the coach. basically just replace the two boilers and install new control panels?

i have read on a few other posts that the propane valve needs to be turned on. i have located the master switch for the lp but have not found a valve. when i turn on the master switch there is a faint lp smell which makes me a little nervous. the stove light when we first bought it but now it doesnt. tanks have 3/4 in them. the stove ignitor is not clicking any more so i guess i will have to look into that but maybe alot of my issues stem from the lp not being on causing the primus system to not work. so any ideas on were that lp valve is located would be awesome. its a 93 WB 40

Assuming the propane tank is nearly full, as you stated, you need the LP master switch to be on (typically in the panel over the microwave); the propane detector to be on (typically a push button and green light on a small control panel near the floor and near the fridge, behind or under the dinette, or under cabinets across from the fridge); and finally the exterior propane tank manual turn valve must be on, which should be on the outside passenger side in the small door behind the first bay, assuming it is like my 91 WB40 was (on my 01 it is a toggle switch in one of the fuel doors). Only with all three on do you get propane flow to the stove, fridge and Primus heaters.

I do not have installation docs on the Primus, but they may be online somewhere. Or try contacting Stephen Birtles at http://www.dupreeproducts.com/ since he was carrying Primus parts.

Good luck,
thank you very much on the propane info. i am hoping that i just do not have all of them turned on and will hopefully be able to fire the primus this weekend while working on it.
well after working on the primus system yesterday i am no further ahead. the control panel in the rear of the coach has votage coming in but i get no green light. the panel in the front of the coach gives me lights but blows the fuse immediatly. so frustrating. at this point i am ready to just switch the whole system out for a different one and re wire and plumb everything
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