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Full Version: LX Bedroom Slide
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Our bedroom slide retracts too far at the top, about 3/4 to 1 inch recess from a flush fit. I haven't located any adjustments nor found any manual that addresses how to make the slide fit. This has only been noticed after the last trip or two. Directions and/or suggestions will be appreciated.
I also had that issue on our LXI . I stopped by HWH and all is good . It was a few years back so I don t remember what they did exactly , besides telling me BB cut every hole different lol
Did you ever got it fixed?
Slide not fixed yet. Hoping to visit the Midwest (HWH) this summer and have them adjust it. It is the bedroom slide so not critical that it works. One of the advantages of the Wanderlodge, plenty of room even with the slides retracted.
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