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Full Version: HWH Slide Seal Air Control Manifold For Sale
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I have a remanufactured (never used) HWH Slide Seal Air Control Manifold that I purchased for $500 from HWH for my 2000 LXi but never installed it. It is Plug and Play. It controls the inflation, deflation and vacuum functions of the slide seal during the slide's extend and retract. It should fit 1999 through 2003 LXi salon slide and probably the LX also. I no longer have a use for it. If someone has a use for it or just wants a spare, I will sell it for half price and ship it to you.

PH: 562 665 6852
Mighty handsome sheet of plywood too Chuck! Big GrinTongue
Thanks, Gary, I was fortunate enough to find that nice 4 x 8 sheet at Home Depot for a top on my new garage 2 x 8 workbench. But it will probably get messed up pretty soon tho...........
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