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Full Version: Jake Brake Relays
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Chassis wiring diagram 1729813 rev EE for S60 DDEC III shows only K22A and B relays controlling low, medium or high Jake brake range selection. My bus also has K22C relay installed and wired into these circuits. I am having intermittent Jake brake problems and am trying to understand the circuits, but since K22C relay was removed from the drawing its a difficult task. An older drawing revision showing the original circuit design would be most helpful if one exists anywhere in a blue box. Does your bus have the K22C relay or does anyone have the drawing showing all three K22 relays? Any info in this area would be helpful.
Andy, I don't have any drawings. I did, however, have an Allison shop reprogram my shift point from going down to 4th gear when applied going to 5th. Much easier on the equipment and the best 150 bucks I spent on the bus
Thanks for the reply Ernie, I know about that change and have been debating the pros and cons of having it done. But, right now I've got to get my Jake working correctly first.
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