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Full Version: Rear Electrical Box Internal Wiring
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I recently repaired my hydraulic cooler fans, which suffered from a loss of control power to the AUX FAN relay in the rear electrical box. This took disassembling the contents of the box completely to allow me to trace wires and trouble shoot with my VOM. Chassis wiring drawing 1729813 shows external wiring to the box with no reference to the box internal wiring drawing. My blue box does not contain this needed drawing. I am guessing the drawing I need would only be applicable to 1995 - 1996 WB's with the S60 DDEC III. I don't know, but I think the 1997 WB and later Lxi with the DDEC IV wiring may be different. Does anyone have this drawing or can provide some insight to this problem? There is a lot going on in this little gray box and an internal wiring drawing would make trouble shooting a lot easier.
I don't remember seeing anything specific to the box. iirc, the only thing in the box is the relay that's related to the fans. It gets a signal from the temp sensor on the blue canister and sends a signal to the fans. iicr (if I can remember!), I'll look at my schematics to see if there's anything further.
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