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Full Version: Aqua-hot fuel usage
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Since it is going to dip into the 20s on Thursday nite/Friday morning, I need to turn the Aqua-hot on to keep the water bays warm. (I know, I hear the northern owner's, currently known as anyone north of Austin or Waco, boo-hooing for us!)

In any event, just out of curiosity does anyone have any Aqua-hot fuel usage figures (in gph) that they can share? I can't seem to find any in the A-H literature or on Google.


Aquahot specs a 0.35 GPH nozzle in the Webast furnace.
Thanks David. That's the info I was looking for.
My neighbor in the SKP park in Oregon near Roseburg, uses his AquaHot instead of electricity to heat his BB. Says it's cheaper than electric at $.11/kilowatt hr. Of course the winters are mild there.
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