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Full Version: disarming the security system completely
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After reading the Manual several times I realize the alarm sytem is very complicated. The last thing I want is it to go off at an RV park, and I dont know how to shut it off. I will use the key to lock the door. Question is I don't see a fuse or circuit marked Security system. Does anyone know how to dis-arm it completely, there is a red light and a toggle switch under the steering wheel, the light is on and the switch is down?? 2004 M380..
I don't use the security system in my 380, it's functional and worked last time I tried it. I think the brain is behind the instrument cluster.
Mine has a control panel behind the left door under the dash. There is an on/off switch, I just turned it off.
380 doesn't have that switch..
My prior owner disabled the alarm the old fashioned way,.... he cut the wires to the alarm horn. So much faster than trying to understand the system! ?
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