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Full Version: Bus won't start. Have to move this weekend.
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PT40 1985 won't start. Ppl keep telling me we have separate engine batteries then my Auxillary or house batteries. We can't find anything other than the generator batteries? We need to move this weekend. My hubby works long hours during the week and I am partially disabled.

Thanks in advance!

Brenda and Mark
That is the main battery bank. When you turn the key on, do you get a buzzing or any noise? What does the volt meter say? Is it showing 12V, or more? How old are your batteries? Does it try to turn to turn over?

In other words, we need more information, other than it won't start.
Like Steve said, main battery bank is in the engine compartment. My 83PT40 with Perkins generator had its own battery in the front outside compartment under the driver's seat.

A simple jump start will easily start a properly running 6V92 if the batteries are weak.

If the batteries are good and it turns but won't start, did anyone (or a pet) hit the AT (or A/T) toggle switch on the dash? Try flipping that switch and try again. If no change, put the A/T switch back where you started.

As Steve said, more info would help. Also where you're located in case an experienced member is near by.
Are the batteries charged up? Main battery group is in the engine bay. Make sure that batteries are charged and clean all connections. Then after all connections are clean take ground strap off of the frame or where ever it is connected and clean around that connection area. If the batteries are charged that is likely the culprit.
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