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Full Version: Inverter Questions
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I bought a new hose for the compressor and wanted to try it out, so I tried to start the Bird and nothing, except the key felt like it was preventing me from starting. I then checked the Batteries and they were down to 51%, so I started the generator and when the batteries reached 70% the Bird started. Is this proper? Also on the inverter when the coach is running I assume I need the inverter on, to charge the batteries, they only seemed to charge with the generator running not the coach. So the problem might be the battery switch, I was told when the coach is parked and not running it should be in the up position, and when running in the middle position, is this true?

If I let the coach sit for a month without shore power what should I turn on and turn off, master switch, inverter etc...?
First off, you shouldn't let your batteries discharge too deeply. 51% is too low. This shortens the batteries life.

The generator provides AC voltage to the inverter which in-turn converts the AC to DC and charges the batteries.

When the Cummins engine is running, it turns an alternator which charges the battery banks directly. The inverter is not used in this circuit. So, No, the inverter doesn't need to be on when the engine is running to charge the batteries.

I would turn off all battery master switches when storing the coach for long periods without shore power. But I would start the coach weekly to keep the batteries charged.

Also, if you are storing your M380 in Monson, MA this winter, you will need to winterize it especially if you are not hooked up to 50A shore power. Frozen lines and busted water heaters creates a major catastrophe in any motor coach. Your manual will show you how to winterize it. If you don't have a manual, there should be one available here in the "Documents" section of this forum.
Ok thanx, what about the position of the battery switch on the dash. Yes I did winterize the coach, and when the temp gets colder I will turn on the hurricane and set it like 50 degrees. I am not plugged into 50 amp unfortunately, but I have it plugged into 110v and set the inverter at 10 amp, also shut down most circuits that are not needed. So far this seems to work. I will be running it weekly and checking it almost everyday. I had other questions about the basement Electric heaters, in other posts, for some reason they dont work.

The battery level was the reason behind it initially wasn't starting?
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