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Full Version: basement electric heat
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Please help how do you turn on the basement electric heat units, there is a thermostat: curb side bay but nothing happens??????
I may be wrong as it's been awhile since I owned a M380 but I'm thinking there are two (12VDC?) electric heaters in the bays. one curb side 3rd bay and one behind the water & septic bay driver side. I thought there was a dial thermostat on each unit. I can't remember if they are hard wired or plug-in. Never the less, you will need to determine if there is power going to them using a multi-meter. I would suspect a blown fuse if neither works.
Thank you I found 1 thermostat, near the heater curbside, I turned it up seems to get power but no heat? I tried turning electric heat on in Batroom(which works) and that did not help, fuse looks good, if fuse is marked correctly. Any ideas? Thank You...
I found the problem with the Electric Heat in Basement. There was 2 unmarked fuses in bedroom that were missing. They were marked Spare in the Manual.
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