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Full Version: Fun with electric cooling fans
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This could be in Electrical, Electronics or engine cooling.

In the M450 the back wall of the coach is packed with electronics which suffer from excessive heat.: notably the dual alternator regulator. $400 !
The 450 Cat C13 engine isn't really prone to overheating. A long grade at 100% power shows only a slight gauge rise.
Shutting down causes a significant temperature rise in the engine bay which heats the electronics and bedroom etc.

Any method of reducing excessive heat is worthwhile.

A couple of 450's had fans added. Obviously there is no downside.

This installation has an adjustable thermostat controller and the temperature sensor is mounted directly above the engine more toward the turbo side.
I hope to adjust this controller so that the fans run when the compartment becomes abnormally high.... long grades , heavy traffic, and after shutdown until the area cools. The outside led light (indicating fan running) can be seen in the mirror, so trial and error temperature adjustment will be possible.
I will also use a remote thermometer to learn the compartment temperatures. For a start,the thermostat controller is set at 160 degrees.

BTW...The colour sucks...I've been told already
That's a good idea, on any late model coach.
Thanks for sharing.
Ross, What fans and temp controller? Size of fans?
Here are the descriptions of the 12 inch fans and controller . All from Amazon. Being in Canada, Amazon.ca has fewer choices without having to deal with customs, so your fan choice may be better.I didn't think that the Hayden name was worth double $.
12 inch seems fine as the BB grill is about 12 inch. I used flat aluminum bars to facilitate mounting.

The controller is for 2 fans and has a control wire for ignition (That was used for simple on/off)
There is another control wire for A/C clutch (Used that for the over-ride manual switch)

The Fuse block was used to have fewer wires running direct to the engine batteries.

Copy the descriptions below and search in Amazon,com

UPGR8 U8801-1203 Universal High Performance 12V Slim Electric Cooling Radiator Fan with Fan Mounting Kit, 12-Inch, Blue
by UPGR8
Hayden Automotive 3647 Adjustable Thermostatic Fan Control
I like the color
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