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Full Version: Infamous 4 way issue
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Good Sunday morning,

We are preparing to get the bird inspected and after our preinspection we are fairly happy. The only two issues were the front 4 ways are inop and the high beam indicator is red instead of blue (oh Virginia). Our concern is the 4 ways. I have read every post about hazards and have read through the manual multiple times. The PO, before the people i purchased it from, rebuilt the dash so the hazards now has a switch on the dash instead of the steering column. The switch appears to be in working order and wired correctly. The flasher by my right knee is sounding off and I can't find any blown fuses (I've also tried different bulbs just to be certain). Am I missing something easy or is it likely the mysterious PMMI box?

Best regards,

I decided to rewire the from hazards from the switch on the dash. The good news is we have operational hazards lights, the bad news is that now the turn signals stay on constant versus flashing. I'm not the best wiring guy so any and all input would be great.

Any help would be great because our vacation is fast approaching and I'm so clueless at this point. I can post pictures if needed. I reached out to the guy who supposedly really knows this bus but no returned phone calls so I'm not holding my breath.

Any local auto electric repair service should be able to trace the wiring and repair the turn/hazard signal circuit on your '79.

I suspect the reason you have not gotten any responses to you post here is that very few of us are familiar enough with a '79 model bus's electrical circuits to suggest or give advise.

That's what we sort of figured would be the best route to go at this point. I've traced all the wires I thought would be pertinent. I figured it wouldn't be easily answered but I figured any advise from the experienced would be helpful. Thank you, I'll post their findings once we get it over there.
Instead of taking it to the garage I took one more look at it. I determined the electronic flasher relay was under powered for that size of a vehicle and added another one for the front. Everything works as it should.

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