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Full Version: RV Cooktop/Heater Combo that runs on diesel fuel. Made in Finland...
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I'm just curious....
Does anyone have experience with these products in a RV setup or Marine environment?

I saw these on a Expedition Portal - Forum "Build -Thread."
A truck camper builder in Red Deer, Alberta is using them in his campers.
The build is very high quality and this cooktop/heater product
is very interesting. They are made in Finland & use very little fuel.
All Blue Birds have Electricity and Propane, why would you want this?
Honestly I am one of those who seeks out other sites looking for ideas that I would normally never have thought of.

For example....On this site I saw...

And I got to thinking (just as an exercise)...How much cost & work would it take to make this vehicle into a typical Class A RV?

OK, so there are obviously the auction costs and getting the bones of the coach up to par.
After that, what is the intended use and what could the design/layout be?
Then am I up to doing the work and investing the time?
And would I be satisfied with the end result?

I went and inspected that 1997 Blue Bird C/S coach.
It's really in top shape already. I climbed underneath and I started to wonder where all the basic tank-age would go/fit?
One of the basic challenges with this remodel exercise is the amount of "work" involved
in making the basic basement functions work/fit & How much storage I would need in this RV.
To that end eliminating the LPG tank and using existing/new battery power for the coach would be a solution....
So I surmised that I could use this cook top and use a AC/DC Refer and small "on-demand" water heating system to replace
the LPG tank. I could use the existing Black tank as a Gray tank. Install a composting toilet to eliminate the need for a black tank. etc., etc.,etc.
What I was really asking the group was how much of an area this might heat and therefore what secondary heating
I would need in the coach (space heaters, electric mattress pad) to supplement for mild climate comfort while camping?
I'll tell you it seem like TOO MUCH WORK & TOO MUCH MONEY to end up
with something that looks and feels like a "Schoolie" conversion
AND that is NOT what I want.

It was a FUN exercise and it really got me thinking... what is "old" technology and what is "new".
As nice as a Blue Bird is.... sometimes thinking creatively can lead to thinking of a completely different solution to a challenge
(it may not be "cost effective" but....).

So, this cook top looks great and is pretty neat
but at $1,300 USD, I think I'll stick with the "old" technology.

P.S.....(09-07-16) The above mentioned auction vehicle sold.
There were 63 Bids with a final bid of $25.1K.
It was a urban police command vehicle (an on-site office/command center).
It is a 1997 Blue Bird C/S Model, 37 foot Bus with a Custom Mattman Corp. build-out
that had been stripped of the electrical components.
The engine is a 5.9 Cummins with 18.3K Miles and a MTS 643 Allison I Transmission.
The 20 KW GenSet has 5.2K Hours
I don't know who bought it or why...I do know that is WAY TOO RICH for me as a conversion project vehicle.
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