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Full Version: Ken Robertson of Parliament talking about my next coach
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Which I hope to buy in ten years! Smile


TheGadgetGuru interviews Ken Robertson and they discuss Parliament's new coach which will debut at the 2017 Prevost show in Tampa, Fl. Ken goes into some detail regarding the power systems technology in the coach. Things like Li-Ion batteries, 20KW DC generator, 20KW inverters, DC roof airs, and four 48V alternators. He said the coach should be able to survive 48 hours of off grid use before starting the genny for battery charging. He also says the batteries can be fully recharged in 4 hours. A little math reveals an 80KW battery pack and more than 400A of DC charging from the generator. Neat stuff. I hope they pull it off because I'd like to own this coach in ten years! lol!
Well done. Ken is really good.
"Companies that did their own slides are gone" Sad

"GVWR of 55,500 "? I thought legal max in most states was 34,000 for dual axle and 20,000 for front? Was this changed? Prevost is 19,000 for front.
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