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Full Version: Centering tool for mounting heavy Tires
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I came across this tool to help "Center" mount big/heavy tires.


Weather you do it yourself or have someone else do it....
A truly centered tire is better...
and if you now have something in your tires (i.e. Centramatics, Be-Bees or Ceramic ball bearings) you must already be concerned.

What do you think?
On a Class A Coach...is this worth it ?
(Retails between $50 - $80 on Amazon)
No reason to use those. Just put 3 lug nuts on and start to tighten them, just draw them up snug. Spin the wheel while you're snugging them further. You'll get it as centered as it's going to be. No need to spend the money on some specialty collars. If you really want to be a fanatic about it, put all the lug nuts on and slowly draw them up as you spin the wheel. You can't get more centered than that.

Besides, you'll scratch the wheel taking these collars off. And they did not torque those nuts, just drew them up with a 1" extended anvil impact- like most truck shops are going to do.
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