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Full Version: Need your EXPERIENCED Input on SOB...
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OK, So you can see I'm a Newbie/Wannabe to Class A's and I'm a dedicated BB looker/shopper.
I've been looking around ALL over the internet trying to learn EVERYTHING I can & develop a feel for what "good condition" is & how to spot it.
I have found that I just don't have those "experienced eyes" you owners with a few years "under your belt" have.
I'd like your input on this one, please (think of it as a fun exercise).
Please look at the above (link) coach.

This coach seem to keep dropping in price (from $82.5K to $69.5K & now $58.5K) in the time span of just 3 weeks.
I think it's an amazing buy/value but... Why does it keep dropping?
Is there something wrong with it?
Is there something you see in the (limited) specs or pictures shown that make it suspect/deficient?
Is it the Dealership? OR Tires? OR Conversion?
OR...Could it just be a VERY MOTIVATED seller?

I realize it would take a visit or in depth call to try to REALLY figure this one out
but I'm trying to hone my skills as a serious buyer and I just don't get this one.

Your input/thoughts/guesses?

For The Record:
1997 Van Hool T900 Motorcoach Conversion, 45' x 102" w/ Cummins M11 & Allison Transmission.
30 Pictures, White/Aqua & Black Exterior, White, Blue & Green Interior.
91K Miles, Tires ?, 7 kw Genset, 3500 Vanner Inverter, Aquahot, W/D Combo,
Hardwood Floors, Rear Twin Beds, Pass thru Head, Window Awnings/Covers,
1 Roof Air, House Heat, Solid Surface Countertops, Jackknife Dinette, 150 G. Fresh, 75 G. Gray & 75 G. Black, Day/Night Shades.
If you can live with twin beds, I don't see anything wrong with it.
1 roof air isn't going to cool this coach
I would want to know who the converter was. With only one roof AC, the converter obviously didn't plan for adequate cooling. That would make me think that this is a one off conversion. I would also be suspect of the other conversion items and the way the electrical and plumbing was installed.

I believe a Wanderlodge of the same vintage ('95 to '97) would be a better option.
"1 roof air isn't going to cool this coach"
I would want to know who the converter was. With only one roof AC, the converter obviously didn't plan for adequate cooling. That would make me think that this is a one off conversion. I would also be suspect of the other conversion items and the way the electrical and plumbing was installed.
I believe a Wanderlodge of the same vintage ('95 to '97) would be a better option."

Ernie, Chuck... I agree with both of you.
Chuck you, I think, have come closer to the heart of the matter......

The Rear Plate is an Arizona License and ASSUMING (I have no proof of this) the conversion was done for/by a southwestern owner/Conversion Company;
1AC and therefore the entire conversion is suspect
and it ALL might be done "on the cheap
. That's not to say it is a bad coach...it seems to have worked for someone...until now.
Above $60K (plus a +$10K repair reserve) I don't think so without a very close inspection by "Experienced EYES".
I actually think that at $45-$55K "it's a terrific buy/value for the right buyer."

In my mind I've come up with a story I think might be somewhere close to the truth...(Feel free to shoot holes in this theory),
I'm just trying to think like a suspicious buyer of a big ticket purchase.

The Van Hool T900 was/is a commercial coach (motorhomes are not made by Van Hool).
The length (45') and the exterior window layout looks like it was an ENTERTAINER COACH with bunks at mid-coach.
I think something happened (bankruptcy, insurance damage, robbery, whatever) that put this coach into the ownership of someone
early in it's life (a '97 with apx. 60-70K Miles) someone that got it for "a song" compared to it's NADA value.
That someone wanted to "FLIP" it quickly and cheaply to sell it ASAP at the greatest dollar.
The interior looks very "sparse/plain" and "unadorned" for something that should sell for +$200K.
The Master Bedroom is really "under-done" for a coach that large/long. They put "just enough" into it and
then gave it a custom logo and paint job to sell it.

It sold and the AZ owner was a "Happy Camper" for a while
but now "The 2016 Marketplace" is showing him it's TRUE VALUE
as compared to other QUALITY USED Coaches like a BB, Prevost, etc.
from 1997 for sale in the economy of the Summer of 2016.


I'll stick to looking for that "Perfect (for me) Bluebird."
so- come look at my 97
The ad says "1.5 1 Ton House heat units" which I have to assume also act as air conditioners, but they're probably only useable on shore power. So you'd have your dash air and one roof top for going down the road, and a roof top and two heat pumps when plugged in. You'd be fine when plugged in but probably not so fine when traveling. To stay comfortable you'd probably have to close off the bedroom while traveling. 1.5 ton equates to 18,000 BTU, and 1 ton equates to 12000 BTU. The rooftop is probably 13,000 BTU. I'd guess the dash air is probably around 25000 BTU (if it indeed has dash air).

I'd like to know who the converter is. The pics look good, although they don't show much of the mechanicals. The interior design, cabinets, latches, etc look to be good quality and appear to have been done by a professional. It could be a Custom Coach, which was out of Ohio. I believe they did some MCI's and Van Hools. If so, that's a good thing.

The mechanicals seem to be lacking. No mention of an Aquahot or similar Wabasto unit, a 7.5K generator which is small, there's no mention of the size of the battery bank, and there's only one inverter. There's no view of the electricals, circuit breaker boxes, or low voltage control, so as Chuck mentioned, the infrastructure is suspect. It'd be interesting to know what can be powered by the inverter.

Prevost conversions seem to set the bar price wise. A '97 Prevost can be purchased in the neighborhood of $125K. None of the other bus chassis conversions (MCI, Van Hool, etc) seem to hold their value like Prevost conversions do. Most of the other non-Prevost conversions are way heavy on their steer axles. Only Prevost offered the big steer axle capacities required by modern day conversions driven by all the features the buying public desires.
David, it does list an Aquahot. I am guessing it is just to service the hot water needs as I see no registers along the baseboards. So it would appear the converter had some knowledge about converting a bus. There is no "co-pilot" seat unless you want to count one of the recliners as one.
Thanks for the correction Chuck. Things like the built-in ironing board, the Aquahot, the tank sizes, and the fit and finish of the interior lead me to believe this is a professional conversion. (The diy homebrew bus owner/converter doesn't install an Aquahot). I think it looks good and at the price listed it should make someone a very nice motorhome. There's just a few questions to be answered. Smile

BTW, I think those 1 and 1.5 ton "house heat units" could be a maintenance and repair problem depending upon parts availability, or more likely lack thereof. In the early days Vantare used an RVAC which worked well when it was supported but today parts are no longer available and folks have to swap them out for something else. Coleman makes something that sort of fits but it's a bear to adapt and usually much of the ducting needs to be reworked. There were few home units that worked on 120VAC most were 240, also the RVAC was interesting because it had two stage compressor system which helped it work on low amperage hookups. You could connect both compressors to one leg or wire them to separate legs. There was a time delay to prevent both compressors from starting simultaneously and throwing a breaker.
call John Spellings the owner of Busforsale , he is a good guy, and will answer all your questions ,and steer you away if he think it trash .
RE: HVAC Conversions
http://www.skoolie.net/forums/f32/1998-v...097-5.html See Post #43: Roof top Picture of existing HVAC unit (Exposed)

This entire thread on Skoolie.net/forum is VERY interesting.
It is a 98 Van Hool T945 Conversion in Las Vegas. From 2015 to today @ 75% complete.
The person doing the conversion is very innovative, creative, handy and dedicated. The HVAC System (see blog posts: #37-43, #67, #88, #104, #111, #204-6 & #242) is a VERY Creative approach that,
like EVERYTHING in this project, is being done with forethought and skill.

Take a look it is really a great (but long) thread that could spark more than a few ideas for your future projects.

Back in Jan/Feb when you first put her up, I did take a VERY CLOSE look at your Coach.
I thought your coach was the best offer out there at the time.
I really could NOT understand why it didn't sell then (or now).

My "life situation" now (caregiver for an elderly parent) means that I can only shop (simulate buying).
When in the future my circumstances change, I'll be "in the thick of it"
ready to really talk seriously to a seller.

Thanks for the offer, and good luck with a good sale
where both the buyer and seller think they each got a good deal.
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