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Full Version: Flagpole holder
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I had a flog pole holder that was more or less an off angle trailer receiver hitch tucked under the front bumper of my 94 p. It was bolted to the frame and had a matching angle slide in holder to correct the off angle and raise a vertical pole.
This newer rig has fewer front end low hanging frame support and I want an easier to store flagpole holder. I already ran electric with an independent inside switch for the night time light of the flag now I need to come up with a holder. Please critique my plan. the image is not scale and a bit car-toon ish but it shows the basic idea
may be easier to see a larger drawing by clicking this link http://www.wanderlodgegurus.com/attachment.php?aid=1975 then click on the image again.
I believe John Mace has a holder on his rear hitch
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