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Full Version: New Bezels for Spring
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Really long story short, when I was on my way home from the purchase of my "new" coach, I was driving through that very nasty storm in Utah back in September of 2015. When I pulled in for fuel in Nebraska, I noticed I lost the left front bezel somewhere in the storm. It was suggested to me that when I build the new bezels, I should use LED's instead of the stock lights and reflectors. New fiberglass bezels with Halo LED's. I updated the lower turn signal with the same LED's. All lights turn on and blink simultaneously. Here are some photos of my results.
Really nice job. How did you do it if you lost the original? Without the original, what did you use as a mold for laying out the fiberglass? Got any pictures of the back sides to see how you fabricated the mounting studs?
What part number Halo LED did you use? Great job on upgrade!
Hello Marty,

That's a beautiful job. Mike, Marty replaced both bezels with a pair of fiberglass ones that Randy Dupree is selling for replacements. I understand that he had to do a lot of rework on them to get them to fit properly. Marty owns a tool and die shop so he was well equipped to do the job correctly. The original Lexan bezels were attached with heavy duty Velcro. I suspect he found a better way to attach them.

I found the halo LED's on eBay. The part number is 2-37131.

I used the existing sub-structure and glued the new fiberglass bezels to the substructure with a 2-part epoxy. I will post a picture of the LED's on in a dark setting when I get a chance. They are very bright.

Sorry for not posting sooner, I had a few things nagging at me I had to take care of.

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