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Full Version: 99 LXI Blower fan wiring
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Am working on the above coach, with no power to the blower fan. Found about a 9" piece of duct tape wrapped around the squirrel cage, which finally stopped the motor. Removed it, but still no power to it. The owner does not have a schematic of that part of the system.
Hot wired it, and it spins freely, so that eliminates that. Was told that #6 circuit breaker powers this system, and it checks good. Checked #6 relay, also good.
Any other thoughts or ideas?
A place to start to look is in the Documents Library under Models and then under LXi. You will find schematics and prints in there for virtually every system.

The squirrel cage motor is 230vAC. It is powered by the generator and will only run when the generator is running and delivering power to the coach. Check to see if the generator is providing power elsewhere throughout the bus. Two common reasons the squirrel cage motor does not run is the generator voltage regulator is bad or that motor is bad. Many LXi owners who have had problems with the motor remove the complete squirrel cage and replace it with a common electric radiator fan with a 12vDC motor.
to clarify- the squirrel cage fan is the item in the dash that blows for heat, defrost, and air conditioning.
Sorry about the misunderstanding on which fan I am asking about.
Mike, I have looked at the document section, everything but dash area 12v system, and the HVAC part of that.

HA, I was wondering how you "Hot Wired" that 230VAC motor. The fuse list shows that there is also another fuse> SGM chassis A/C & Heat-SK5 at the same location as SK6. You might check that one also.

I'll see if I can find a schematic for the A/C & Heat control circuit.
Thanks for the responses. Found the correct fuse, thanks Chuck and David. Looks like the duct tape was in there from day one and on lower speeds the drag was too much for the fuse. Plus, someone put a lower capacity fuse in. Now it's working as it should.
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